Lose weight in Bayswater

Lose weight in Bayswater

Hypnotic Weight Loss in Bayswater


Hypnotherapy offers a natural alternative to address issues such as stress, anxiety, depression obsessions, smoking addiction, weight loss and eating disorders.

By inducing your mind into a state of complete relaxation, hypnosis can retrain your subconscious mind to accept new beliefs and in turn, inspire positive change. This can be as simple as associating a positive memory or feeling with a corresponding action, or it can involve identifying the cause of a certain behaviour.

Our hypnotherapy programs in Bayswater have been found to actually stop people from smoking, and help with weight loss.


Virtual Gastric Band - Hypnotic Weight Loss in Bayswater

Some people search for quick ways to lose weight in a week or how to lose weight in 10 days not realising that a quick fix is always only a temporary solution.

Our weight loss in Bayswater program is the best way to lose weight from stomach naturally, without taking any lose weight pills or eating special dietary meals.

Forget those lose weight fast pills, because this not the way to lose weight fast and easy, and create a permanent solution to your weight problem.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a hypnotic weight loss program in Bayswater which can reprogram your mind to believe that you have undergone real gastric banding surgery. This means that your mind will adjust your body’s functions so that you feel satisfied more easily, thus limiting how much food you consume.

The Original Virtual Gastric Band Program as it was designed by Sheila Granger focuses specifically only on weight issues. However, from my clinical experience, this is not sufficient enough, so Kookaburra Advanced Hypnotherapy has improved this already proven and effective weight loss program by including therapeutic & educational components to it.

Being overweight is a symptom

As a part of our hypnotic weight loss in Bayswater program we will also heal any emotional issues causing any bad habits you might have, such as compulsive or emotional overeating. We focus on healing the cause of your weight problem, and make a clear distinction from other weight loss programs and diets. So, we will create a new lifestyle for you. Our Virtual Gastric Band is the only hypnotic program to create a permanent weight loss solution.


Quit smoking hypnosis in Bayswater

                                                    Stop smoking in Bayswater

Whilst many people actively want to quit smoking, remaining committed to this decision is the hardest part. Smoking is still engrained into society as a social activity, presenting numerous temptations to slip back and give in to your cravings.

Whilst substitutes such as nicotine gum or patches can offer temporary solutions, they do not address the underlying issue. Our 4-Step Stop Smoking Program will not only help you quit smoking, but it aims to identify and heal the trigger for your compulsion.

This is a two-week program and most of our clients quit smoking after the first session, with no quitting smoking withdrawal symptoms. The second session is used to find and heal the reason for your nicotine addiction.

Now you can quit smoking naturally, without any of the quit smoking products, quit smoking medication or quit smoking side effects.


Because we are located in Montrose, naturally we cater to clients from surrounding suburbs like  Boronia, Croydon, Doncaster, Knox, Mitcham, Vermont, Box Hill and Fern Tree Gully, but we do also get clients from all over Melbourne.


Lose weight in Bayswater with our Virtual Gastric Band

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