Beliefs System

How do we create our beliefs

Let me talk a little about our belief system and its power to influence our life. We are all living simultaneously in two worlds. The inner world and our outer world. The inner world (subconsciousness) is the world of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, whereas the outer world (consciousness) is the physical reality we are living in and our perception of it. I want to draw your attention to our subconscious mind, because it is shaping our reality and our happiness depends on it.


Our subconscious mind is a storage device of almost unlimited capacity. It records and stores every memory, every thought, every feeling, every emotion and experience we have had since childbirth. It is like the hard drive of a computer. It can’t reason or evaluate, it just records the structure of our belief system. Because it is a part of our subconsciousness,  we can’t be aware of it, but we react to it on a daily basis. It functions as a feedback loop to our consciousness and how this feedback loop operates, I will explain later. When a baby is born, it is pretty much helpless and totally depends on its mother. Its brain contains only basic information on how to run an autonomic nervous system, which keeps the baby alive. In other words, the baby’s consciousness is not fully active yet and its subconscious mind is almost blank. It is straight away after birth, when the subconscious starts to collect data about the baby’s life experiences. After the baby becomes self-aware, its every experience is indexed as positive or negative before it is written into the subconscious mind. Once the baby starts the learning process and interacts with its surroundings, the conscious mind steps up and starts to recognise what is right, wrong, or true-false. Because the baby's persona, or ego is not developed yet, all the information which comes from a person of authority is accepted as truth and passed on to the subconscious mind. So from the beginning, it will be parents, grandparents, the kindergarten teacher,school teacher,  and so on, who will influence and lay the foundation of the child’s belief system. Therefore, before even the child’s ego is developed, the child has already a set of beliefs which are accepted as truth, regardless of how valid they are. Let me illustrate how this works in the real world: Your son comes home from school and with excitement is screaming at you: “Look mummy, look what I’ve done at school !” He is trying to show you his drawing. You might be busy doing something, or maybe you are just too tired from work and with a dismissive tone reply “I’m too busy now, maybe later!” Afterwards  you look at the picture and instead of praising your son and putting the picture on display, you just look at it and throw it in the rubbish bin. You couldn’t possibly realise how much damage you’ve just done to your child with this simple thoughtless act. Your child takes this action as a rejection. This feeling of rejection is deeply written into the child’s subconscious mind and will be constantly influencing his life by the feedback of rejection. How will this most likely manifest in his adult life? Every time your son will want to consciously achieve something,  his subconscious mind will interfere. This feedback loop will feed him feelings and emotions of inadequacy, which his conscious mind will turn into thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough, or good-looking enough.


So many times we can witness parents yelling at the children, or talking to them with negative comments such as “you never learn anything, you are stupid, you are so hopeless” and so on. And guess what? You are the person of authority and therefore your comments are going straight to the subconscious mind of your child and are accepted as truth. Later on, when your child  is of school age, the problems will start. Let me explain the mechanics of the mind working. The request to learn comes to the child`s consciousness. The conscious mind starts to search the subconscious for any information about learning so it can execute the task. The feedback loop returns the “accepted truth” which is: You never learn anything - you are stupid. And therefore, a child has difficulties learning.

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Your beliefs effect your perception

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