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Hypnosis Knox offers Treatments for Smoking and Weight Loss


Sometimes it may seem can be impossible to break that naturally engrained habit or behaviour. People who have tried and failed for years to give up smoking can appreciate how easy it is to make the that decision to stop. However, maintaining that drive over the months or years that follow, is a completely different story. Similarly, some people diet and exercise but still struggle with weight loss. The reason for this is sometimes due to our state of mind and negative behaviours which we have built up over the years. If you don’t truly commit your whole to your goal a certain action, then you are destined to eventually give up and fail. , or give in.

Lose that extra weight with our Virtual Gastric Band

It’s not as farfetched as it sounds. Using hypnotherapy, our clients are guided into a state of complete relaxation, both physically and mentally, where we are able to reprogram their subconscious. In this state, the mind is not able to distinguish what is real and is more likely to accept new beliefs. In this manner, we can convince your mind that you have in fact undergone a real gastric banding surgery and your body will then adjust its functions accordingly. This means that you will actually feel full sooner and reduce the amount you eat. Our Virtual Gastric Band weight loss programs are a simple and painless method for Knox residents to make healthier changes, without the complications of real surgery.

How can hypnosis help me stop smoking?

Our hypnotherapy services have proven successful in helping numerous individuals stop smoking in Knox by uncovering the cause of their addiction. Once this trigger has been identified, your behaviour can be adjusted appropriately so you become permanent non-smoker. Whether you’re in Ringwood, Croydon, Montrose or anywhere in Melbourne, we can help guide you along a more positive lifestyle path.


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