Hypnotherapy may improve the quality of your life


Hypnotherapy may improve your happiness


* Have you ever pondered about your life?
*Are you happy with the way it has turned out?
*Are you satisfied with every aspect of your life?

Maybe by now you have a nice family with a nice partner, you also have that house you always wanted with a nice car in a garage, but somehow you still feel like something is missing.

And there usually is.

From my own experience, I can tell you what is missing – it is your self-awareness. That ability to be in touch with yourself, and be able to perceive your reality independently, regardless of what society is suggesting. In other words, to be able to see your life experiences from an observer’s point of view.

We’ve somehow accepted the way of fast living. Conditions such as obesity, fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and alcohol and drug abuse have become a way of life.

Strangely enough, nobody is even asking, “Why life needs to be this way?”

Somehow we have accepted the idea that feeling dull and miserable is part of life, and that not much can be done about it.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.


Hypnotherapy can change that

Hypnosis is a very powerful modality used to effectively treat obesity, smoking addiction, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias as well as many other unwanted conditions and behaviours.

However, it is up to each individual to firstly recognise that there is a problem, and then make the decision to do something about it.

Once you’ve made that decision you will probably start looking for a hypnotherapist with a good reputation or one of the best in Melbourne.

hypnotherapy can heaasl sadness

How do I choose the best hypnotherapist for myself?

Well, let me tell you this. It is a very personal task and checking only hypnotherapy prices has very little to do with making the right choice.

Firstly, you want your hypnotherapist to be experienced, so you can disregard all those not being able to accommodate you during working hours. That would indicate that they are doing hypnotherapy only part-time. And a part-time hypnotist can’t be the best hypnotherapist in Melbourne.

Secondly choose someone who specialises in the problem you want to solve. This should be your priority, instead of checking  Melbourne's prices.

Be very cautious about price shopping, because usually you will get what you pay for. Nevertheless you shouldn’t be paying more than $200 per session. That is a current going rate of a good, experienced professional hypnotherapist in Melbourne.

Do your homework first and run that Google search for:

Hypnotherapy weight loss Melbourne, or  hypnotherapy Melbourne smoking or whatever problem you need to solve.

Thirdly choose someone local, so you don’t need to travel a long distance.

It would be pointless to look for hypnotherapy in Melbourne CBD if you live in the eastern suburbs. So run your search for hypnotherapy in Melbourne eastern suburbs. Also, don’t forget to read some hypnotherapy reviews. This will give you some idea of the success rate of your potential therapist.

Ask a lot of questions, because the best hypnotherapist for you is the one you feel comfortable with and can talk to with ease.

Ideally, you will be able to meet your hypnotherapist before your first session so you can assess if you can work with him.

And don’t make the mistake of assuming that hypnotherapy in Melbourne CBD must automatically be better than a hypnotherapy practice in one of the suburbs in Melbourne.

Hi, my name is Jozef Lehotsky and I will be your Therapist.
I graduated from The Australian Academy Of Hypnotic Science in December 1995 with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis.
I am also a certified practitioner of Gordon Emerson’s Resource Therapy and Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression Therapy.

Hypnotherapy in Melbourne's South East

I hope this will be a good guide for you to find the best hypnotherapist in Melbourne.

However, if you are looking for good hypnotherapy in South- eastern suburbs, Kookaburra Advanced Hypnotherapy is just around the corner.

We focus all of our hypnotic therapies to find the cause of your problem so we can heal it, which in most cases will be a permanent solution. We believe that treating the symptoms will only create a temporary solution. We have a very high success rate and you are welcome to check it out in hypnotherapy in Melbourne reviews, or Word of Mouth reviews.

Also, as part of our hypnotherapy program we teach every one of our clients a very powerful relaxation technique. This technique will allow you to drop into very deep relaxation in a matter of seconds. It is fantastic for revitalising your energy after you come home tired from work and it is more effective than sleep. With regular use, this technique will condition your body to be more relaxed, thus neutralising your anxiety. You see, you can’t be anxious when you are relaxed and because of this, I call this technique the Anxiety Buster.


The best hypnotherapy weight loss program in Dandenong

best weight loss

Our Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band program is very effective and a natural way to lose weight permanently. This four-week hypnotic weight loss program allows you to lose weight without feeling hungry. With this program we create a brand new lifestyle for you, so you will lose your weight effortlessly. This is not a diet and there are no additional expenses such as special meals or slimming tablets.


Our Four-Step smoking cessation program

Stop smoking

This is also a very easy way to stop smoking with a 93% success rate. It is a two-session program and most of our clients stop smoking in the first session. The second session is used to reinforce those suggestions from the week before and heal the psychological reasons for your smoking addiction.

So if you are tired of being a slave to nicotine give us a call and we will help you get healthier.

However, I must be honest with you – hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet and requires your full participation.


Because we are located in Dandenong, naturally we cater to clients from surrounding suburbs like Springvale, Noble Park, Narre Warren, Berwick, Endevour Hills, Clayton, Keysborough, Rowville and Glen Waverley, but we do also get clients from all over Melbourne.

For more information, call us NOW and book your FREE No Obligation Consultation.

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