Remote Energy Healing

What is Remote Energy Healing?

Put simply, Remote Energy Healing is a very gentle and elegant alternative way to heal your body and mind, using natural occurring energies.

It is not a faith healing. Remote Energy Healing will work regardless of a person’s religion, race, cultural background or geographic location.
It also works on animals!

Using Kinesiology’s muscle testing, your body will reveal the core issue of your problem, which can then be directly treated by healing magnets.

Because this process is completely natural, there are no negative side-effects, which are often associated with mainstream medicine.

How does it work?

This type of healing was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, throughout his 17 years’ experience as a Chiropractor.
Watch the video below to see him explain the mechanics behind his Body Code Healing Program.

Your body always knows what’s wrong

Muscle testing has actually been around for quite a while and is widely used in the world of alternative healing.
Dr. Bradley Nelson has effectively and successfully used this technique to uncover the underlying reasons of a client’s problems.
Watch the video below, how muscle testing works.

Remote Energy Healing

In the first video, we saw Dr. Nelson explain how everything, including our body, is made of energies, and how this is all interconnected.

By creating an energetic connection with the client, a healer is enabled to function as a surrogate and can perform a Remote Healing Session on the client.

How to get Remote Energy Healing

To get your Remote Healing is very simple. Just fill in the form below and I will get back to you to arrange an introductory session over Skype. 

The subsequent healing sessions are conducted remotely and the personal participation of the client is not required.

The remote healing sessions are done DAILY over FIVE days. Because the changes in your condition, may, at first, often be very subtle, I have decided NOT to charge upfront. 

We will evaluate your treatment after FIVE sessions and only WHEN you experience tangible improvements, you will be encouraged to make a donation. 

Honesty and integrity are paramount for a fair energy exchange, as is YOUR much needed feedback.

I will give you my time and skills, and you will have an opportunity to balance the equation with your donation. 

Please keep in mind, that it is your donations which are enabling me to provide this service.