Resource Therapy in Conjunction with Hypnosis

Our Most Popular Therapies

Sometimes, we tend to fear the things we want the most. But how can we succeed if fear
controls our thoughts? To that end, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Phobias, addictions, and all sorts of emotional and psychological problems hindering our progress and happiness in life can be annihilated using our techniques. Here they are:

* Age Regression

The Age Regression enables people to access the memories, thoughts, feelings, and deep emotions of childhood.
We help you explore a memory, or to get in touch with the difficult-to-access aspect of
your personality.

In addition to Age Regression, we can also use age progression to allow you to project yourself forward. The purpose of this is to foster a desired outcome, or to warn you of the ramifications
of your current destructive behaviour.

* Dolores Cannon's Past Life Regression

We use the Past Life Regression to facilitate a spiritual experience in our patients.

Though some people may wrongfully regard this therapy as a fantasy, or delusion, or a type of confabulation, we make use of it to recover memories of past lives or incarnations to help you
in your current situation.

Resource Therapy

* Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy provides powerful processes and techniques for personal change and growth. We do this
by facilitating the removal of the disruptive emotions conjured by memories or events of the past. Such emotions include: rage, anger, hurt, remorse, guilt, sadness, regret, fear, and others.

Within a short period of time, we use the TLT technique to produce a long-lasting transformation;  yet with minimum discomfort to the patient.

TLT enables you to clear beliefs that hold you back from achieving your pursuits.

* Resource Therapy

As we traverse through life, we tend to wear many different masks which inadvertently develop different aspects of our subconscious.

To that end, Resource Therapy is based on the idea that our personality is comprised of various aspects of the subconscious, each with a respective function in the inner mind.

We use Resource Therapy  for inner conflict resolution; and the treatment often helps our clients succeed, even in situations where other hypnotic techniques have been futile.

For more information about the Resource Therapy click here.

* Fast Phobia Therapy

Fast Phobia Therapy proved to be fast, safe and very effective therapy which causes no pain, or emotional discomfort and is very effective in dealing with extremely traumatic experiences.

This therapy  is performed in our safe and serene environment. We also ensure that you stay comfortable and grounded and detached throughout the process of this therapy.


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) identifies the disastrous thinking patterns you have developed over time, and helps you alter your ways of thinking in order to change your life positively.

We use NLP for stress relief, and providing a channel for emotional release in our patients.
NLP is also great for transforming life-long habits, thought patterns and beliefs.

In a nutshell, our therapies will help you live a happy and more fulfilling life – with peace, success, and vitality: in your relationships, money, profession, and much more.

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