Stop smoking addiction with Hypnotherapy

Stop smoking addiction


Stop Smoking Addiction with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy helps an individual reach a state of complete relaxation, both physically and mentally. In this state, the active part of the conscious mind simply takes a rest and can be reprogrammed to make positive behavioural changes. People who are suffering from stress, anxiety, wish to stop smoking addiction, or achieve weight loss can benefit from our hypnotherapy and improve their overall wellbeing.

How can hypnotherapy help with my weight problem or stop smoking addiction?

The first step in overcoming your weight problem or addiction is identifying the catalyst behind each of these issues. Whether it be emotional eating, smoking addiction due to stress, lifestyle or boredom, understanding this trigger is important to tailor the hypnotherapy process and find the best solution.

Overcome your smoking cravings and stop for good

Stop smoking
 is easy, it’s the sticking to it that’s hard. Our hypnotherapy programs sessions will help you stop your addiction to smoking by engraining new and more positive habits in your subconscious and which will minimise the those impulses to have a smoke.

Virtual gastric band procedure surgery with none of the harmful side effects

When it comes to weight loss, we offer The Virtual Gastric Band program which can actually convince your mind that you’ve undergone the real surgery. This make believe scenario is planted in your subconscious so you actually feel full faster and eat smaller portions. This isn’t a diet, you can still eat what you want – you’ll just be eating less. To get the best results, regular exercise is recommended, as the whole point of retraining your mind is so you can embrace your new healthier life style.

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