Testimonials of some satisfied clients



Testimonials of some satisfied clients.

Here is what some of our customers wrote on Word Of Mouth website


 31 Aug 2016

Jozef is wonderful, I am so glad I took the step and met him. 
He has helped me deal with many issues within my life not just my eating habits. 
Overall I feel much happier and content. I would strongly recommend people to meet Jozef and see how he can help you too.


 25 Aug 2016

The professionalism shown by Jozef made the experience of the process very easy. I am well on my way to my goal and through the tools given to me, am confident that i will reach my goal.


 22 Aug 2016

Very worthwhile, extremely beneficial to the overall quality of my life. Also, very enjoyable,


 27 Jul 2016

I have never been so calm and relaxed as i have been here. He Helped me sort through my problems and i feel so much better fot coming here


 27 Jul 2016

I feel confident that I can continue the weight loss journey. Josef is very positive and instilled a very positive attitude. I found the hypnothrapy sessions very relaxing and very revealing. I hope to continue using my new skills.


 07 Jul 2016

I have found that this experience has opened up my eyes to a great many problems i had.i have been able to see through all those problems and now realise i have been really worried for nothing at all it seems. Josef has certainly helped me quite a lot in only two sessions with him. I was a little bit scared and not really into this stuff but i am a definate believer now.


 24 May 2016

I was originally skeptical about hypnotherapy but my parents said i might aswell give it a go. I lost 8.7kgs in 3 weeks and have never felt better. My eating is well under control now and I always feel very relaxed after each session. I would definitely recommend this to any one that needs a push to the right direction.

 17 Oct 2016

It is quite common that people are sceptic at the start, but once they experience power of Virtual Gastric Band everything changes.


 05 May 2016

We Touched on a few things that really hit home and i believe through my sessions i have healed a large part of me that needed to be healed. This has set me on a positive path especially for controlling my cravings and hunger and i now feel confident and in control of my weight.


 27 Apr 2016

I have found Joseph's technics very helpful to reduce my stress and increase my confidence. I would encourage others to use his services to improve their quality of life.


 21 Apr 2016

I Came to Jozef because I wanted to try the Virtual gastric band, but also because I had been suffering with anxiety and confidence issues, due to the anxiety. My experience was very positive and I came away feeling much less anxious, and I was losing weight and not even hungry. I would definitely recommend Jozef and his calming treatment.


 06 Apr 2016

Jozef has been such a kind and caring person to me during my time of need. Thank you for everything you have done and helped me during this hard time. Jozef is an amazing person and has made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful to you.


#43 in Melton VIC

 01 Mar 2016

Before i saw Jozef i was lacking confidence, focus and willpower. Jozef has helped me to fix these issues through Hypnotherapy. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you. 


 23 Feb 2016

I found the experience very rewarding and I achieved everything that I set out to do. One doesnt realize how many issues lie beneath the surface,so to speak. I felt very comfortable and at ease with Jozef and have never felt that level of relaxation before.He was able to help me with both emotional and physical issues... and on the way to losing my extra weight..2 kg in a week , yay Thank you so much Jozef, you have changed my life. S


 18 Feb 2016

Jozef has high expertise in his field. After one session I felt deeply relaxed all day and I felt that my subconscious issues from my past experiences that has been bothering me were resolved. I feel confident and calm inside. I am able to bring myself to a deep relaxation state immediately and address any problem I need by a simple technique that Jozef introduced to me. 
Thank you Jozef, your treatment made a real difference. 


 15 Feb 2016

Josef was really good I achieved the objective i set out to achieve And found him fascinating to talk to with .his knowledge of the brain and how we process information was enlightening. I would highly recommend his services.


 11 Feb 2016

Have lost weight since my sessions 🙂 
Josef has helped with other issues 
I recommend this highly 
🙂 🙂


 09 Feb 2016

relaxing, fun, informative, highly recommended to people with problems.


 06 Feb 2016

Very genuine & helped me see things differently. Virtual gastric banding is amazing, not only with weight loss but helping me with why i over eat. Would recommend anyone to come & get themselves help with everyday life. 
Jozef is genuinely caring & thoughtful.


 01 Feb 2016

I found Jozef very insightful, helpful and genuinely caring. He is very knowledgable and used it skilfully to help me to change my thoughts and get on top of mental battles I was facing. He is very professional and I would recommend his services to anyone struggling with similar issues


 29 Jan 2016

Jozef is fantastic. He is very approachable and is willing to help with any issues you may have. I have never felt so relaxed and have never slept so well in my life. I highly recommend him for hypnotherapy.


 06 Jan 2016

i would recommend this service to friends and family because josef was very friendly and professional, i felt relaxed throughout sessions which is normally no an easy thing for me


 06 Jan 2016

Josef is very understanding and focuses on your personal needs to achieve your goals. I am happy to recommend him .


 28 Dec 2015

This has been the most amazing experience. I came here looking for help for weight loss and not only have i lost weight but i have become a better person. Over only 4 sessions, i have banished unwanted thoughts deep in my subconscious about a previous relationship i thought i had moved on from but was still affecting me, i have noticed a huge change in my ability to control my anger, frustration and jealousy and have even identified triggers for my nail biting habits. I am genuinely slimmer, healthier and happier. Thank you!


 21 Dec 2015

Jozef gives you the tools you will require to attain your goal. If followed you should be able to reach what ever it is you wish for. in the end the ball is in your court. Thanks Jozef


 21 Dec 2015

I would recommend this business and its program because it works! I have had a weight loss and I sleep better and feel so much healthier, and relaxed.


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 15 Dec 2015

Josef is great at what he does. He has allowed me to change my mind and re-access the way my mind works. I recommend for anyone to come and see him you wont be disappointed.