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Weight Loss in Montrose

Many people try and fail to overcome their addictions or shed those unwanted kilos. They try everything from fab diets, nicotine patches, crazy exercise routines or expensive drugs. The reason that many of these methods fail? Your state of mind. If you do not fully commit to changing your behaviour or state of mind then you are doomed to fail form the very beginning. Our hypnotherapy treatments can help encourage weight loss and make you stop smoking at our Montrose centre by reprogramming your subconscious to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

How can hypnosis help stop my addiction to smoking?

Not only are our very effective hypnotherapy programs a are not only natural and drug free alternative to those temporary fixes such as patches and gum, but they hypnotherapy also offers a solution to permanently stop smoking. Many people manage to quit smoking temporarily, But because the underlying reason for their addiction is often not addressed, they just slide back to the old habits. Our Hypnosis programs identify those issues for your compulsive behaviour and tailor the best solution to heal them for good.

Lose weight with our virtual Gastric Band

It might sound strange, but we offer a program called The Virtual Gastric Band, which can actually convince your subconscious that you’ve undergone the real surgery. The operation traditionally involves using an artificial plastic band to limit how much food enters our stomach and effectively makes us feel fuller – faster. Avoid all those possible negative side effects of expensive and painful surgery and the expenses that come with it and achieve a similar weight loss result through hypnotherapy in Montrose. We service all of the Melbourne area and can also help in Knox, Ringwood and Croydon.

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Our hypnosis treatments can help overcome a number of conditions, including stress, anxiety and depression.

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Weight loss is easy with hypnosis

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